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Introducing HBR AirNotes, an augmented reality experience designed for work and life.

Create your own immersive world with customized personal notes—plus the most impactful content from Harvard Business Review—to stay inspired, challenged, or focused.

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Your work, your space, your world.

With HBR AirNotes, discover something new every day.

Build the world that you want.

Discover HBR articles on topics that are most relevant to you.

Gain knowledge and confidence.

Make progress towards your professional goals by opening HBR portals in meaningful places.

Add the fantastic to your everyday.

Immerse yourself in an innovative learning environment.


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How HBR AirNotes works:

1. Use your phone camera to pin (and explore) portals anywhere around you.

Choose your desired HBR topic and place a portal in your space. The app makes it easy to pin a portal wherever you get inspired.

2. Discover new insights daily.

You’ll get a notification when new daily content arrives in your topic portals.

3. Create personal AirNotes. Sky's the limit.

You can create custom AirNotes (text or voice memo) and place them in your space. Set reminders, practice gratitude, stay motivated—it’s all up to you.

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